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PR Carports has metal building models for residential and commercial purposes, PR Carports can design and install your carport, RV cover, single or multi car garage, shed, warehouse, metal frame buildings, single or triple wide carports, garages, shops, utility buildings, horse barn packages and barns. We can customize your portable buildings too.

Metal Carports in Minden, Louisiana

You can own a Metal Carport to safeguard your vehicles, equipment, and tools by providing them a roof. PR Carports can provide you a sturdy Metal Carport in Minden, LA to keep them safely within the closest proximity of your house. The galvanized steel used to make tubing and panels assure you of longevity. You can choose from a variety of sizes the steel carport that’ll suit your needs best!

Roofing Styles for Metal Carports in Minden, LA

Choosing the perfect roof style for your building is one of the first, and most important steps you’ll take during the design process. Here at PR Carports, we offer the three basic roof styles. These unique roof styles will be defined here.

Regular (Good) – The regular carport roof is the most economical style in the metal building industry. Its horizontally-oriented panels make this roof best suited for areas that do not experience high winds or heavy precipitation.

A-Frame (Better) – Also known as boxed-eave and A-frame horizontal, this carport roof is a popular choice among customers. With panels running from one end of the building to the other, this building is best suited for areas that may experience a few high winds, but not heavy rain or snowfall.

Vertical (Best) – The vertical carport roof is designed and engineered with panels that run from side to side, easily channeling all snow, rain, and other debris off the roof and away from the base of the structure. We highly-recommend this roof for areas with harsh weather conditions and lengths of 36’ or more.

Types of Minden Metal Carports

If you’re looking for a dependable, yet affordable means of shelter in Minden, LA, you’ve come to the right place. Our metal carports can fulfill all your storage needs for just a fraction of the price of a traditional, wooden structure. Have peace of mind knowing your vehicles, equipment, and other belongings will be safe and secure in a steel carport from PR Carports.

One Car Carport

If you don’t require an ample amount of space, our one car carport might just be the perfect solution for you! Shelter your truck or car, maybe some lawn equipment, or just a few storage boxes in this standard-sized carport.

Two Car Carport

Slight upgrade from our one-car carport, this metal structure offers twice the amount of space. This size carport is excellent for customers who have multiple vehicles, several pieces of equipment, or simply want to declutter their home.

Three Car Carport

Do you have several vehicles to keep sheltered? Do you have an abundance of junk in your home you wish to store elsewhere? If either of these describe your situation, our three-car carport can solve all your needs. You can even convert this structure into the perfect home gym, office, or personal library.

Steel Carports Installation in Minden, LA

Despite what some people tend to say or think, the process of purchasing a steel carport in Minden isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem. Here at PR Carports, we take the load off your shoulders and bring the building to you, making the delivery process hassle-free. We also include all delivery and installation services in our prices. Before we can assemble the carport or other building type on your property, you must have a level site that is clear of all debris and vegetation. If your site is not level or the installation crew must travel more than 50 feet to access your site, additional fees will be charged.

Metal Carports Minden Prices

In most cases, when the price tag of a product is not in the customers budget, they won’t go through with the purchase. So, we’ve made it a goal at PR Carports to make all our products affordable for each customer, no matter what their budget may look like. From the style and size of your structure, to the manufacturer you obtain it from, there are several factors that will affect the final price of your new carport. And don’t forget about our rent-to-own and financing programs available to everyone, they provide financial assistance to those who may need the assistance.

Benefits of Purchasing an Minden Metal Carport

When people think of a carport, they usually think of it being a convenient place to park their vehicle and maybe store some outdoor equipment. And while they are right, there are quite a few benefits to owning a metal carport other than convenience.

  • Versatile
  • Cost-Effective
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Long-Lasting
  • Fire and Pest Resistant
  • Fully-Customizable

Color Your Steel Carport in Minden, LA

When choosing the ideal color combination for your metal building, it can be difficult when you don’t know what it will look like once installed. How will you know if it’s something you like? Take advantage of the wholesale pricing we have available on the PR Carports website. Choosing the color for the walls, trim, and roof of your metal carport has never been easier! Call us at (501)251-8013.


Choose PR Carports for your Minden, LA Metal Carport

We have been providing carports and buildings for years. When you choose to work with  PR Carports, you are choosing a company that will be here for you every step of the way. We sell, finance, deliver, install and service  our products. Give us a call today at (501)251-8013 to speak with a buildings specialist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who make the best Metal Carports?

If you're unsure where to buy carports or portable buildings you need to contact PR Carports today. We make it easy to buy the best metal carports and buildings. We even finance and rent to own. Just call us and you'll get inexpensive custom carports that are made from high-quality materials. A carport will be delivered and installed using our professional  installers.

What is the cost to build a Carport?

Our metal carport pricing is between $99.00 and $4,995.00 This includes delivery, leveling and installation. Your carport cost will vary depending on the size, style, and customizations options.

How much does it cost to install a Carport?

Nothing! Each of our custom carports and other metal building products include both free delivery and free installation. Metal carports can be delivered and  installed for free in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. Our team of experts will handle your carport's setup at no extra cost to you!

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