Single Slope Roof Buildings

The perfect solution to meet your needs.

Carports - Single Slope Roof



Single Slope Roof Buildings

Single Slope Roof Buildings

Our galvanized steel framed structures are the perfect solution to meet your needs because they are durable, customizable, and can be installed quickly.

Standard Single Slope Roof includes the following:

    • 14 Gauge galvanized steel framing
    • 29 gauge metal roofing. With 20 years beckers paint system.
    • Framing spaced 5' on center.
    • Gable ends on both front and back of barn, on both center section and lean-tos.
    • Includes both peak and leg bracing for additional strength and stability.
    • Concrete Anchors or Rebar Anchors and Earth auge Anchors are included in base price.
    • Frame builds varies by width and leg height.
    • Base leg vary by size.
    • Dual tube rafted user for 18' to 24' wide units.

Single Slope Roof Prices


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Available Sizes


Single Slope Roof

12x21x9x7 - 12x26x9x7 - 12x31x9x7 - 12x36x9x7 - 12x41x9x7

14x21x10x7 - 14x26x10x7 - 14x31x10x7 - 14x36x10x7 - 14x41x10x7

16x21x10x7 - 16x26x10x7 - 16x31x10x7 - 16x36x10x7 - 16x41x10x7

18x21x10x7 - 18x26x10x7 - 18x31x10x7 - 18x36x10x7 - 18x41x10x7

20x21x11x7 - 20x26x11x7 - 20x31x11x7 - 20x36x11x7 - 20x41x11x7

22x21x11x7 - 22x26x11x7 - 22x31x11x7 - 22x36x11x7 - 22x41x11x7

24x21x11x7 - 24x26x11x7 - 24x31x11x7 - 24x36x11x7 - 24x41x11x7

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